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Maritime - 13.12.19

The Ocean Cleanup Brings First Catch of Plastic to Shore, Unveils New Project

The Ocean Cleanup has brought the first batch of ocean plastic to shore following its first mission in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This plastic trash will be transformed into sustainable products that will be sold to help fund the continuation of the cleanup operations, Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of the Dutch organisation announced.

“Welcoming the first catch of plastic on land is the moment we have been looking forward to for years. I believe we can use this trash to turn a problem into a solution by transforming this unique material into a beautiful product,” Slat remarked on the upcoming plans of The Ocean Cleanup.

“As most people will never go to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, through these products, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to take part in the cleanup.”

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