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Updates - 21.10.21

RedSky Insurance sponsor Lisa Blair’s World Record Attempt

Specialist marine underwriting agency RedSky Insurance have announced they will support solo sailor Lisa Blair with a generous sponsorship package to achieve her dream of circumnavigating Antarctica in world record time.

Lisa, and her yacht “Climate Action Now”, are setting off in December 2021 to secure her fourth world record as the fastest person to sail solo, nonstop and unassisted around Antarctica below 45 degrees.

As part of the record attempt, Lisa will also collect scientific data on ocean health, deploy weather drifter buoys and collect microplastic samples in the most remote oceans of Antarctica.

“Lisa is a focused, strong, determined and articulate, woman – all characteristics shared by RedSky founders” Jill Murphy said.

“Her world record attempt is emblematic to our purpose in business;

  • To be the best at what we do,
  • To do it with purpose and understanding, and
  • To be the only female in a room full of men, competing on the same playing field.”

“Lisa has the courage to be different, to make a difference and that is our motto too… Everyday is different. We do different”.

RedSky Insurance specialise in cargo, commercial hull, luxury pleasure craft and water’s edge liability insurance.

Heather Roberts and Jill Murphy co-founded the business after working for some of the biggest insurance companies in Australia and overseas.

“We wanted to create a flexible, no-nonsense, easy-to-use insurance underwriting agency,” Heather said. “And our partnership with Lisa is testimony to that, we’ve been able to find her insurances that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.”

Lisa said insurance for solo-yacht sailors was nearly non-existent and past experience, had demonstrated the devil is in the detail. “I was so happy when RedSky came on board. It was a huge relief to know they could find me cover and that I now have some good advice around such a complicated and detail orientated product,” she said.

“Heather and Jill are also so well aligned to my purpose and mission. The sponsorship just made sense on lots of levels.”