About us

It all started with dinner…

We’re a team with two main talents: marine insurance and protecting the important stuff. So, after working at some of the biggest insurance companies in Australia and overseas, we decided to join forces to create the kind of flexible, no-nonsense, easy-to-use insurance underwriting agency we wanted to see.

and a clear idea…

We’re not a giant (though we’re supported by one). Because we don’t want to be. You can see the difference in our office, sure (we’re somewhat short of 25 floors). But you also see it in our flexibility. Our ability to get things done. The way we go just that bit further than you might expect, and then further again.

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Sydney Harbour

Meet the team

Jill Murphy - Managing Director

The team’s token Kiwi is an honorary Aussie (30+ years there qualifies, right?) and half-marathon enthusiast who’s no stranger to the more practical elements of marine matters. In fact, Jill is an avid sailor completing the Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race in 2001, giving her the trump card when it comes to marine knowledge in the office. It’s not all jibs, tillers and life jackets though: in 1999 she fulfilled a long-held dream by doing a 10-day dogsled trip in Alaska. All in all, it’s no wonder our MD at RedSky gives us strong direction, strong leadership and a supply of nautical terminology we’re still getting to grips with.

Previous roles include Agile Underwriting and various overseas postings with AIG. Jill has also spent the past 9 years as a member of the Cargo Committee at IUMI.

Jeff Brown - Claims Manager

It’s no surprise Jeff was attracted to nautical matters, given his upbringing by Sydney’s Northern Beaches. That probably also explains the fact he doesn’t just cycle, but feels the urge to combine it with a swim (and a run!) and even compete in triathlons. Jeff’s always happy to help, but think before sending him that text: he’s one of the few people who read app terms and conditions in full, and the terrifying knowledge he’s learnt therein means he refuses to join certain messaging platforms. We’d suggest reaching him by email or lying in wait when he next takes a dip.

Heather Roberts - Partner

A Sydneysider, Heather brings the same enthusiasm and drive to her personal life as she does to her working life. Whether it’s running half-marathons, completing charity walks, or cycling from Amsterdam to Bruges (over 200km!), she’s always on the lookout for the next big endurance challenge. In between fixing bike tyres, navigating the world of marine insurance, Heather fancies the odd drop or three of Champagne or a juicy New Zealand pinot noir (but not too many; she’s got another cycling trip coming up!).

Stuart Routledge - Senior Underwriter

Since swapping the dales and drizzle of Essex for the sand and surf of the Northern Beaches in 2005, Stuart hasn’t looked back, successfully carving out over a decade in marine underwriting. In fact, this Brit has made himself right at home here – when he’s not hanging out with his two girls, he can be found hitting the mountain bike trails or taking to the waves for a spot of surfskiing. (Although if Manchester United ever relocated Down Under, that would be the icing on the cake).